News Report (September 20th, 2012)

In the last five years, Triva has been a research sandbox and also a relatively stable tool for developing trace visualization techniques. As of September 2012, Triva is being deprecated in favor of the Viva Visualization Tool.

Viva is a cleaner implementation that will contain in the near future all visualization techniques that were available in Triva - the Squarified Treemap and the Hierarchical Graph View - and the multi-scale trace aggregation techniques. Viva uses the new PajeNG framework to read trace files.

Please, bear with us and check the Viva repository.

Triva is an open-source tool used to analyze traces (in the pajé format) registered during the execution of parallel applications. The tool serves also as a sandbox to the development of new visualization techniques. Some features include:

News: Triva is present at SuperComputing’11 at the INRIA Booth #127 - Join us to discuss large-scale trace visualization techniques.

News: A practical session about Triva’s visualization techniques was hosted in Grid’5000 Spring School. Demonstrations performed at SuperComputing 2010 are available.

Triva is released under the GNU Lesser General Public Licence and received funding from the brazilian CAPES/Cofecub and CNPq agencies. Currently, the tool is being developed as part of the french USS-SimGrid ANR project.